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Wichita County Child Custody And Visitation Lawyer

In ruling on child custody and visitation matters, Texas courts consider what is in the "best interests of the child." There are a number of factors the court considers when making this determination. The fact remains, however, that a lot is left open to interpretation. That is why it's essential to retain the services of a Texas family law attorney who has a thorough understanding of child custody concerns and extensive experience in Texas family courts.

I am Rick L. Mahler, a family law lawyer who has assisted hundreds of clients in child custody/visitation and other family law matters. I bring a highly personalized approach to my work with clients who want to preserve their relationships with their children following divorce or the end of a nonmarital relationship. I encourage my clients to reach a solution outside of court, but I prepare every case as if it will litigate. If you and your child's other parent cannot reach agreement through negotiation, I will advocate for you in court.

What The Court Decides And How It Decides It

There are two types of custody that must be determined: managing conservatorship designates who has the legal right to make decisions about a child's education, religious practices and medical treatment, and possessory conservatorship refers to the right to visit and spend time with the child. If the parents are named joint conservators, both parents have the right to make decisions about the child's future needs.

If you are unable to resolve a child custody dispute, Texas courts will consider a number of factors in determining custody and visitation, including:

  • The child's emotional and physical needs
  • The stability of each parent's home
  • The child's preference if he or she is over age 12 and deemed mature enough to shape an opinion
  • Whether each parent will encourage and foster a healthy relationship with the child's other parent
  • The extent of parental participation by each parent before the relationship ended
  • The child's relationship with other family members

Modifying Existing Court Orders

Because life changes more rapidly than ever, an existing court order regarding custody or visitation may no longer make sense. It is possible to obtain court approval for modifying an existing custody or visitation arrangement. This may be necessary due to changes in the child's needs or changes in the parent's health or ability to care for a child. Here again, the court will base its ruling on what is in the child's best interest.

I can help you petition the court to modify an existing child custody order or defend against a modification petition. You may also petition the court to modify child support or spousal support.

Contact Rick L Mahler Attorney at Law

I welcome the opportunity to review the facts of your custody and visitation matter and recommend the best course of action. I represent clients across north Texas from my office in Wichita Falls.

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